Grey’s Anatomy

The first question she asked was if I applied for the position.
I hesitated and then told the truth.
“Yes. Yes, I did. And anything goes. If they think I am not ready, I will accept it. And vice versa.”
“I am so happy you applied,” she said.
I felt happy, she was happy.
after talking about my Summer travel plans, she seemed surprised and again happy that I was making so many plans.
Plans for me.

She then asked, if I ever felt like it was some kind of an addiction.
I hesitated a bit and then told the truth.
“Yes. Yes, it was like an addiction.”
Off the record I thought, sometimes it still feels like it is.

But that’s not the point. The point is, when I told her about my trip to the States with the girls this summer, she said, “Wow, I think you are growing up, Pau. From your career decisions, now this…you are making profound choices (my term).”

I beamed.
Rehab is definitely working.
It’s just a matter of time.

As for my other current addiction: It has got to be Yoga. I can’t believe that I had even thought of stopping working out before (well, finishing my thesis seemed like a good reason). I now remember how climbing (a previous addiction) had saved my life. And how bulimia is just a line away. Just like coping and living; Or self-love and waiting. The line is thin. Better be on the side that’s not girl interrupted.

Think golden mean, Pau.

grateful slice: conversations and affirmation


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