Finish line

I have not written about my thesis because it was such a presence in my life for so…too long. So I rested from it for awhile.
But here it is. The finish line. Reaching it was not like how I thought it would be BUT I am grateful nonetheless. I would be a different person if I didn’t finish this. If I didn’t survive it. If I didn’t love it. I am more than my Masters degree, sure, but damn…reaching THIS finish line has made all the difference for me. I can now let it go and write. Fiction. Not criticism.

Uncle came with me to UP to pick up the hardbound copy. I was not sure how it would feel like to finally have the red and gold copy of my young life’s work. I remember staring at the stacks in the different UP offices I would wait and sit in when I enrolled or submitted whatever, praying that one day I get there. I get to be one among the finished theses.

Frankly, it was relatively anti climactic. We picked it up from the ever (in)famous GSO (graduate students office) and had lunch in that quaint veggie/hippie place a little bit outside of UP. We rushed back to Makati to catch a movie, Nokia and me to get some work done. Like I said. Anticlimactic.

I suppose it will hit me at some point. The magnitude of what I have accomplished.

It will be when no one is looking. Possibly when I am in the middle of my dissertation. in Australia. 🙂

grateful slice: finishing something I started…no matter how long it took. And friends who supported me along the way.


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