My own Mt. Everest

Someone from the Pinay Mt. Everest team came to school to give a talk the other day. She was so inspiring, moving and motivating as she talked about the different challenges they faced in their preparation to climb the most humbling mountain in the world. She wore her uber thick North Face snow suit (in the heat) as she told her story and showed us pictures from the base camp to their final traverse. It was amazing to listen to her talk about it and to look at the photographs of three strong Filipino women. They believed they could do it and that’s exactly what they did. She then proceeded to use their climb and their achievement on the mountain as a metaphor for the kids. How we/they all face our/their different Everests; that they take many and different forms. And how we/they can come out of it successful; if they believed in themselves and never doubt for a minute that they could do it, nothing should stop them/us.

I thought about my own Mt. Everest. Feels like I have been climbing the same north face for years now and not reaching the summit. And from the frost bite, to the windburn, to the fatigue and the cold…the load I am carrying on my mind and on my back to my heart’s dehydration….my resolve should be shaken, pummeled, reduced to smithereens. I should think I don’t stand a chance making it to the top. That I also have no more energy or love left to make it down back to base camp where it is safe and a little warmer.

But it is not.

Because even if the traverse down the other side of the mountain is scary, long, hard and cold, I absolutely believe in my heart and my soul that I am not alone.

Someone is holding my hand, has offered to take my huge pack off my back, has given me a hot meal and an extra blanket. He is rooting for me. He believes I can reach the summit and that I will be able to traverse to the south side of the mountain. He does not doubt that I can and will transform.

So, I hold his hand back. Take his offer of carrying my burden for me. I eat the food he lovingly prepares and sleep in his blanket. Soundly. My resolve in intact, more than ever before.

I am rooting for me too.
I know we both won’t let me down anymore.

And when I reach the summit, you will know.
When I conquer my Mt. Everest, my life will show it.
There will be a light so hot and bright, it will melt the snow.

grateful slice: faith and inspiration


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