just some things I want to say

I want to write about my ex-boyfriends at some point in this blog. And affirm their existence in my life. But not today.

if I met my future husband today, I would want him to know that I weep when I am stressed out but I will snap out of it and accomplish whatever it is I set out to do anyway. He just has to tell met that everything will be alright. And maybe help me with a colorful mind map.

I would want him to know that I believe in God and that I love life.

I would want him to know that I am bigger than my insecurities, being a cancer survivor, the many papers I have to check (all the time) and my infamous jealous gene.

I would also tell him that I am a teacher by heart but a writer by essence.

I would want him to know that I like to nurture and grow my relationships and that I like to cook breakfast.

There’s plenty more … some involving how important my cat is to me…but I will save it for later.

Lastly, I was talking to my friend, Je, today and I just want to say how grateful I am for her. How the consistency of the metaphors she used awhile ago and her on-the-money affirmations = all evidence of the universe and higher beings listening.
and yes, responding.
She also introduced me to yoga.
And if you didn’t know already, Yoga has changed my life forever.

grateful slices: Je and this blog.


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