let’s get physical

I ran a 10k race last Sunday. For the whale sharks.  We finished it in an hour and thirty-two minutes.  Not bad, I think.  (Although my shins hurt today).
I have never run a race before. Ever. Much less a 10k one.
I don’t even run. Yet there we were at 6am, running on the many streets I pass everyday, running and walking on the Buendia flyover overlooking the city.
It was exhilarating to see so many people of all shapes and sizes and ages and heights running whichever way, in whatever manner.
To be up that early, to try something new, to succeed beyond our expectations, to do it with some of the coolest people.
It was wonderful.

We are running again this Sunday. For women this time.
My expectations are the same.
Enjoy the ride and no pressure.
I don’t need to stress…I am not really a runner.

I am just so ecstatic that I am fit and healthy and strong.
That I have a body that can trek to Pinatubo, swim with ten whale sharks, climb hot chunks of dried lava, run a 10 k race with absolutely no training and that I have a heart that survived Cebu.

I was thinking about this as I did yoga today too.
How far I have come in my practice.
I have many more things to learn but just where I am…its a good place to be.
My hips are opening, my legs becoming more straight, my jumps becoming lighter, my mind calmer and my heart more at peace…. and my breath….my precious breath that grounds, connects and brings me to presence. It’s a great place to be.

grateful slice: my body and my progress


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