wisdom, honoring the process and living in the now

There is wisdom behind listening. To our mentors and people we look up to. They know what they are talking about.

There is wisdom behind “It’s not working out. I can’t make you happy.”
There is wisdom behind the pain and honoring the process. Every step is crucial. Every stage has to be authentic.
There is wisdom behind taking many paths toward where you already are.
Discovering in place that the treadmill is a cruel illusion (so might as well stand still for a bit) or that the destination is the end all or be all.
There is no wisdom in thinking there are short cuts however, even if it is all about the process.
And man, am I in transition. The drenched caterpillar swimming the mysterious liquid in its cocoon.
I don’t need to feed the past nor swim in what’s unpleasant and painful. But I also can’t force the cycle to go fast and furious. I need to sit still in the right now. So I can pay attention to what is real.
Will Smith said (omg, I can’t believe I am quoting Will Smith) that we should also be patient to see the rebirth. (birth, life, death, rebirth). There is always a rebirth … redemption.
Cheesy, I know…but I can only focus on the fact that this is the way to be that magnificent butterfly. (eep.)

Because life is not linear.
It is some kind of circle. The beginning will meet the end and it will make sense.
And I have to honor the process.
See the wisdom behind living each stage — embrace and exhaust the emotions — instead of escaping and numbing what hurts.
It is the only way to authentically learn.
Plus, I can’t go through this again.
Or I can’t ever be afraid of going through this again.
The wisdom does not only have to count this time…..it has to stick.
grateful slice: processes and the grand design.

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