reality bites

I asked for truth.
I am getting truth.

So I removed our picture.
Something I have been wanting to do, but couldn’t.

When Jower told me (something I knew that was bound to happen at some point) I was instantly crushed. Not because I was in denial but because it just hit home how true this divorce is.

It’s confeermed.
I knew that.
But it is still hard to hear.

After the initial devastation however, I felt free.
Bring the dark into the light and it turns into the light.
And that’s what happened.
I felt liberated somehow.

I know there is more to come. And my spirit says, bring it on!
But I am bracing myself for the pain.
Not to escape but to face.
Because I know it is part of the process, part of the healing.
All part of the dreaded letting go.

Is the love gone?
Of course not.
He is one of my favorite people.
That’s why it breaks my heart to see that he is in such dire straits.

But this is not about him.
This is about me.
And the kind of life and partner I want.

So, first step – remove picture. check.
what’s next?

grateful slice: liberation (even if it comes from bad news)


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