Plays and marathons and missing: I am literally the YES! man

Ran again today. 5k this time.
It felt great.

Saw a great play last night too, “Spelling Bee.”
It was hysterical and heartwarming and clever.
I was with two of my coolest girlfriends
and it was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

C slept over and we thought we would sleep early because of our run today.
Um, lie.
We ate and drank in Guilo’s , looked at cheesy blogs and charged my shuffle before getting adequate shut eye.

By the time C’s alarm rang, I had just reached REM. Ugh.
Post run though, all the kicking and screaming was long gone.
I was so glad to be running so early in the morning.
It was bliss.

No pain in the shins this time too.

I missed HH though.
I am thinking this is just part of being in the middle of a divorce.
I also think it is because these are things that I would have loved to share with him.
Because he would have been proud.
And because he we would have also laughed aloud at the unfortunate “erection,” Ms. Parks 6 languages song and dance, and he would have ran like the wind in the sun.
It could also be because I took a lot of steps to make our separation so concrete yesterday.
And I am reeling from the reality of it all.
It was difficult to go to MOA but I just braved it.
Change the associations.
Build new memories.
I refuse to be held back by anymore baggage.
So I just sucked it up and ran!

I am aware.
I guess that is what matters.
Because it is what will pull me through this successfully.

In the meantime, I run for my broken heart.
I yoga to stay connected to the breath.
I read to transform my core beliefs.
I embrace my solitude to remember and recognize who I am.
And I reach out to celebrate all that I am discovering about me.

grateful slice: discovery and saying YES!


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