raising the sword

She took it back and said, “He was finally authentic and told the truth. He did it with integrity. I take it back when I said he might not have had the guts to do it. That took guts, P.”

Part of the pain lifted after that. I knew I was right about him.
There was no betrayal, no abandonment, nor absence of love.
It was just the truth.
And he raised the sword to slice and finally acknowledge the divide, the chasm that had grown between us, because we both could not ignore it any longer.

I was not wrong to love him.
And just like those magic eye pictures we stare at for hours to see passed the funky print….the 3-dimensional image finally popped out.
Passed the drama and the suffering, I finally recognized the love and the wisdom behind what took place.
There was no cruelty.
Just an ending I was not ready for.
And a man, who called the truth and did not buckle or sway. Just stood his ground because he was aware.

And my heart shed ten pounds of pain yesterday.
Because he is golden.
And I can see.
That I am golden too.

grateful slice: truth told with integrity


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