After all that has been said and done, I am saying YES to life.
I didn’t realize how much couch sitting and mulling I had been doing for so long.
I suppose, no judgment. Those were things we had decided to do.
And I had to write and write and write.
And finish a paper and earn a degree I thought defined me.

Today though, after running, it occurred to me that I have been saying, “wait a minute.” Or “not right now.” Or “when he arrives.” Or “I can’t do it.” Or “I don’t want to.” Or an outright, “nope.” Or sometimes, if it were a Yes, it meant “yes to like the uber pleasurable but empty things like bleep-bleep and bleep.” you know what I mean.

Well, my script is changing.
It is Yes from now on.
yes yes yes yes yes.

Yes to everything that is life giving and loving and infinite and wonderful and purposeful.
So yes.
I am in.
Present. Completely engaged. Humbled. Awed.

I am saying yes to me.
the goldmedalist me.
the prodigal daughter has returned.

grateful slice: choosing yes.


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