expecting the best

Yoga is really amazing.
I had a gazillion things to do but chose to stop at 7 to do yoga and man, that was the most enlightened decision ever.
It was such an intense mysore class. Loved it.

Then there’s nothing like choosing to expect the best from people (even if others have told you to expect the worst).
It felt good to be right.
even if in a little while, I know it ultimately won’t matter.
It still feels good to just think the best of someone, and get just that.
Sincere or not, fishing or not, i don’t care. I thought it was nice of her to just ask and not say anything bad.
and thank god for good friends who have the love and inclination to just make you look good no matter what. : )

The lapster was right.
It saves you the agony and stress from getting agitated or angry over something that you chose to be riled up about.
It was such a relief.
And I’m glad I asked.
Now, I can just let it go.


grateful slice: being right about people


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