leggo, my ego

she is sorry.

Sleep deprivation. Procrastination. Overanalysis. Starvation.
Flogging. Blaming. Wasting time. Over eating.
her delaying tactics are getting old.
The pile up has caught up with her.

Then there are the ancient demons forever sealed in Pandora’s box.
The naked shoots take the cake.
There is no shame and yet you feel it when you are tired.
Bring dark things to the light, so that they too turn into light.
That’s what she is doing now.
dark things might not have crawled from the woodwork if she was in better shape.
At least She is aware.
Thank God for Her.

she is really sorry.
Please forgive her before she falls apart.
her fatigue is making her see damned spots.
she can hardly keep her eyes open.

She focuses on her breath and let’s it go.
Today has been bloody.
They both can’t wait until it is over.

grateful slice: deadlines and dementia


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