Boracay bliss

I was laughing on the plane. Giddy, like a little girl.
I was just so happy that I was on my way to Boracay.
Plus, the book I was reading (“Yes Man” by Danny Wallace) was pretty funny.
So I laughed and laughed and laughed the whole way to Caticlan. It was great.

My playlist (Sixtytosmileabout) was pretty awesome too.
Thanks, Uncle.
He made it for me while I was slaving away over papers in his house one night. He says I was yelling at him. (zest zest zest!) I say he might have been right. I was so freaking stressed out.
But that was eons ago. I thought I wouldn’t make it out of the grading season hellhole.
And yes, here I am in Boracay again.
And it’s totally brilliant.

Sure our little place is tucked away a little far from the main beach.
Sure it rained this morning right before we went out for a run. By the time we got back, I was soaking wet. Not just from the rain but also from the crazy, inconsiderate tryke drivers.
Sure he isn’t here.
But, we were able to buy vegetables and fruits on our way back from our run. That was pretty neat.
Its also so so peaceful and quiet where we are.
Plus, if you think about it, the beach is really not that far.
And I didn’t come here to be with him. In fact, I am here to bury him once and for all.
A cremation with a short eulogy.
May 6.
That’s the date I chose.
And apropos since its his birthday.

The truth of the matter is I am happy to be here.
I intend to make the most of the ten days.
To heal and heal some more.
I also just want to wear a purple bikini the whole day.

Anyway, we are canvassing for mountain bike and kayak rental prices today. I also want to buy more bikinis. A white one and a brown one. 🙂
It kind of feels like the same Boracay.
I am just redefining my experience of it, yet again.
This place can never make me sad.
Even falling on your third clip during a rock climbing competition isn’t bad at all, if and when it happens in Boracay.

So all is well.
Wear black for me on Wednesday.

grateful slice: Boracay

p.s. Hhmmm… there is a starbucks in the middle of the beach, though. Seeing that was kind of jarring.


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