My 15 minutes

I attempt to hit my list of things to still write about.
See, I didn’t forget.

Let me start with an easy one.

Right after defending my thesis I decided to pick up learning the guitar again. That’s me. Perpetually learning the guitar.
I keep on forgetting the chords and just like piano, I just memorize where to go instead of listening or really understanding the notes. Which means, if I don’t pick up the guitar and practice everyday, I forget everything. Just like 50 first dates.
Anyway, I asked Ms. Amy and well, K to teach me again until I really knew how.
Besides, I already had the time.

So far, I was able to go to two lessons with Amy (with the grade 8 girls — who were already so so good). As for K, well, I got a guitar. Yup, I inherited it. Casualty of war but oh what a prize. Apparently, this guitar is to die for. So, given the circumstances, it was a great thing to end up with post divorce.

By the time the end of school year approached, Ms. Amy told me that I was playing “Superman” in the 6 songs collide medley. Gaby M. kindly sent me a link and PICTURES of the chords (no joke.). I really had no excuse. I had to do it. Or one guitarist and singer was going to be missing from the six songs that were meant to freaking collide.

In two days, I scampered to learn four simple chords and like four lines (yes, to sing).
We were supposed to be the intermission number for the Middle School Band concert.
Parents were going to watch this thing.
Yes, parents.
Press the panic button.
It was nerve wracking.
Everyone was all set and ready to go.
I was still learning and scampering.

On the day itself, I managed to stop my leg from shaking on stage and I SANG!
I sang in front a whole bunch of people. And not just people, parents!
I couldn’t hear myself sing and I kept fumbling with the chords.
it was so fun.
I felt like a musician.
And a freaking singer.

With my four lines.

The parents were compassionate. The music teacher (and Ms. Amy) even had a few nice things to say.
Yes, about my voice.
And yup, my four lines.
They are apparently lining up the gigs.

A week later we played the same thing during the end of school year assembly (we did much better) and this time, we had a more enthusiastic crowd — the students who love us no matter what.
at the graduation dinner of the Grade 8s, I sang again. 100 people or more were there.
We sang “True Colors” by Cindy Lauper.
We were beside a white grand piano. (O M G)
Lapster and Amy were playing guitar.
Mon was holding the chords and the lyrics.
Crissie and I had mics.
The music started to play…and I just sang.
I sang like I never did before.
Even made a cheesy dedication to the Grade 8s during the song. (roll eyes)
But man, what a high.
My fifteen minutes.
Short lived and yes, I am bordering on delusional but I felt like a singer.
Ms. Paula is a risk taker. Check.

Samantha came up to me afterward and said, “Ms. Pau, pardon my language but you can sing like hell.”
Enough said.
I doubt I have a singing career and should quit my day job but it felt good to sing for them Grade 8s.
It was pretty special.

grateful slice: inspiration, collaboration and risk taking.


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