Leaving on a Jet Plane

I wondered how I would spend my summer since I had finished my MA thesis and earned my degree.
I was worried for awhile.
Idle hands are the devil’s playground, after all.
But here I am, packing for another trip.
And all I can think of is, lucky shmuck.

Boracay was spectacular and even before the sugar crash, I am off again to another adventure.
I really feel like I am channeling Danny Wallace. But with pre-booked flights and pretty crappy packing strategies.
I am very very very very grateful.
Who knew?
Who knew this was what was beyond procrastination?
I should have said YES sooner.
Well, shoulda woulda coulda.

So, as I was just a beach queen.
I am soon to be Alaskan empress.

Lucky shmuck.

grateful slice: my generous parents and well-laid plans.


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