It’s been a surreal weekend; A productive and fulfilling one but surreal nonetheless.

Between the jetlag and my sister’s jampacked Sunday in overstimulating NYC, I am no longer sure where reality begins and ends.

It feels like I’ve been propelled into a parallel universe without my knowing; part of a Christian edition of a Gaiman novel or comic where everyone prays all the time while dreaming.

I guess all I can do is soak it in and observe without any kind of culture shock judgement.

And that’s what I’m doing. Watching people, meeting them and just being grateful I am here at all.

But when she asked me after service if I wanted prayers, I sleepily and honestly said ,”No, I need to sleep now. Maybe next Sunday.”
Then continued to introduce myself as Jetlag to the many other Antiochlike people I met.

Was it the HIV positive guy in the Subway begging for money and food for him and his dog, Gizmo, or was it a giant SpongeBob facing a random wall on 47th street, or was it being in Antioch again that was most surreal?
I am not sure.

But don’t get me wrong.

I realize that I just need to take a step back to absorb all these things.

It will all somehow make sense at some point.

I hope it happens in this trip post jetlag and things sinking in.

I feel very proud and blessed to be able to be part of my sister’s life here.


Lunch was pretty cool.

After accompanying M to the youth service (yes, where I ran with one flip flop during their ice-breaker relay. eep. I told you it is like Antioch) we decided to walk many, many blocks to Cafe Lalo. It was a wonderful walk. We saw a Salcedo Weekend Marketlike, well, market (only bigger and colder), where they sold gyros and pashminas and sausages and smoothies. It was pretty awesome.

Then M showed me her favorite part of the upper West side.

When we got to Cafe Lalo (the coffee shop where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were meant to meet for the first time in “You’ve Got Mail”), I was giddy and starving and ready to eat soup, a salad and a sandwich. Yum!

I ordered the Yellowfin Tuna Salad Sandwich and their Soup of the Day and M got eggs with brie and different kinds of mushrooms. It was the perfect late lunch. It was crowded and pretty and I was just so happy to be there surrounded by people and desserts.

We headed back to M’s apartment where we got to rest and laugh with Abi (her lovely roommate) before heading out to yes, evening service.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this entry.

So, it’s been a surreal day;
the perfect first weekend spent with my sister.
I would not have had it any other way.

grateful slice: perfect Sundays in NYC


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