The L Boat

We are literally on the Love Boat.
Which can also stand for the Lola/Lolo boat.

Still feel a little off-balance but M and I were able to do YOGA despite the swaying.
Extra resistance.

The ocean is beautiful.
And the ship is enormous.

Today we get to just hang on deck (read: bundled up so we don’t get hypothermia or frostbite) — read, write, watch people. My favorite part of any vacation, on sea or land.

The food has yet to impress me. I mean, there is so much of it but I haven’t really tasted anything mind blowing.

M and I fought hard not to fall asleep last night during their first cheesy show but snuck out while the Program Director reiterated (for the nth time) the many geriatric things to do on board.

Tonight, we will attempt to catch “Grand Torino.”
(Enter: Love Boat theme song, right about now).

grateful slice: experiences at sea


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