E85th St. Between 2nd and 3rd: the week long slumber party

mankeys in new york

mankeys in new york

There is something about being with some of your oldest friends,
in New York,
as adults.

(Kylie lives in New York and A in DC)

It’s more than comfortable, there’s a feeling of unbreakable belonging.
We don’t just laugh, we make halakhak till there are tears.
We can be doing our own thing, and still be absolutely together.
There is a fearlessness to just be and be yourself, a finishing of sentences and completing of thoughts, and great expectations of stupendous comedy.
There is also the golden, precious silence while watching Law and Order SVU.

This doesn’t mean we have not changed.
In fact, I think we have all evolved wonderfully.

mankeys in brooklyn

mankeys in brooklyn

But our friendships remain strong, unwavering, faithful.
Thank goodness for that.

grateful slice: old friends who have seen you through shit and are still there to love you.


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