white noise

White noise. Really, that’s all it is.

A non-stop buzz-buzzing of old issues creeping from different cracks and fissures on the door I had already closed.  Amorphous, sinister creatures slithering their way to my consciousness; trying to invade the peace I have found.

But they are just shadows,  mere echoes,  weak ripples, a faint hiss. It’s just a matter of time before dem demons give up and go away.  Like turning the TV off at four in the morning because there is nothing to watch but the gray and white static.   Just a matter of time for the remnants to fall away, far away.

In the meantime, I run it off.   Write it away.  Love it to death.

The white noise.  I let it lull me to sleep where the worst and best of them visit me in my dreams.  Everyone saying that everything will be alright.

grateful slice:  acceptance.

Looking at the word noise, I have decided that it looks weird.  Especially when you stare at it.

N – O- I-S-E.  It’s  nose with an “i” in the middle.  🙂


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