Run Paula Run: Making Pain my B*tch.

Here’s a sneak preview to my Globe Run for Home entry.  More of the cheesy, post-breakfast and post-run shots later.  For now, I just wanted to share a proud moment.  (read:  swamped with work to write full post)

Running is truly the new crystal meth.  It’s the new black.  It’s the new badminton (according to my brother).  It’s the thing now that makes me go hhmm….even if I freaking forgot my hydration pack, my shuffle and headphones back in school,  you can’t beat running with a thousand other people at day break.  It’s a great way to feel human and be part of something basic and large.

Sprinting the final 1k.

Sprinting the final 1 of the 10k. Erm, who eez?

Reaching the finish line.  Intense and angry looking but I was happy inside!

Make pain your bitch and smile at the finish.  Really, I was happy on the inside!

grateful slice:  running,  strong legs and lungs, and shaving 20 minutes off my usual time.

Photos courtesy of Miguel de Leon. (Thanks Migs!)



  1. Mai Mai

    Loves it! Make pain your bitch talaga! I’m so jealous tho that you guys have running pics. Will have to wait for Photovendo for mine 😦

  2. butterflybound

    OMG. I think I am done with my plans. I just have to print and edit. Hay. photofinish as usual. Crapola. Pain is my bitch!

  3. Anil

    Running makes you feel like you can go anywhere, even more than a car. Plus it gives you that crazy runners high where you just want to keeeeep running!

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