Love-Hate Love Affair

I have been running into running all my life.  It seems like every single sport I have ever gotten into demanded that running be part of  becoming decent at that particular sport.  Tennis clinics.  Badminton training.  Sportclimbing (nationals).  Mountain climbing and hell, even group exercise.   Somehow, no matter how much I hated it,  I found myself running on treadmills, around polo fields, tracks  and concrete, praying minute by minute, inch by inch for the agony to end.  I found every excuse to try and get out of it.  I just knew that my body preferred to bike or swim or use the  elliptical machine or do a three-hour, back breaking aerobic marathon than run.  But,  ran I did.

All that was true though,  until now.

Running feels like a relentless suitor who just never gave up on me.  The one who I thought was annoyingly devoted and loyal, patiently waiting for my change of heart; the same suitor I made fun of or consistently snarled at.  Through the years, it remained steadfast, present and available to me.  Somehow, I’ve turned around,  have seen the light and the error of my ways.  How could I have not seen this before?  This undying, butterflies in my stomach kind of infatuation/love.  Like most great loves, it was right under my nose.  This  great, adrenaline pumping, mind numbing, heart strengthening runner’s high was just waiting to be seen and taken seriously.    And damn, I  am so glad it pursued me.  Because between my smoke-free lungs and my legs of steel (right), I feel like I can run to the ends of the earth.  Beep! Beep!  Hhmm…Forrest Gump was on to something when he ran for three years straight.

Anyway, here are more Globe Run for Home pics (c/o Photovendo from the Globe site).  The race’s route was similar to my bittersweet Condura run but with the disposable chip, training and a good night’s rest,  I actually felt like I was more present for this one.  I even beat my time by 20 minutes.

running to the finish

running to the finish

bird's eye view

bird's eye view

look ma, no hydration pack!

look ma, no hydration pack!

Here are some of my running buddies.  C and CQ 🙂

cheesy post run shot one

cheesy post-run shot one

our 10k route

our 10k route

cheesy shot number two

cheesy shot number two

with cupcake queen

with cupcake queen (who did so well in the race. wink.)

Next races:  Kenny Rogers night run (10K)  and the Woodrose run with Sabine in September.  🙂

grateful slice:  running and paradigm shifts


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