Shift happens

Am getting ready for my first MYP  Language A workshop.  I am honored, excited and barfy and over-thinking/planning again but who cares.  Once I know exactly what to do in my head, it becomes easier.  As it is, there are so many ideas swirling in my brain.  Nothing in stone yet,  everything  still in pencil for now.  In the meantime,  here are two versions of a presentation (which I will probably use) that inspired all of us last year during our ‘ngarag’ assessment workshop (with Curtis).  Ah, the gift and burden of being a teacher in the 21st century.  It’s an interesting time to be teaching and yup, unlearning and learning.  🙂

updated version of shift happens.

the original one  (for some reason, i prefer this one.  Maybe it’s the eerie background music, I don’t know)

grateful slice:  opportunities and people’s trust

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