Surreal Saturday


Captured in M one drunken night

I love lazy Saturdays spent sleeping, puttering about and being idle.  With another jam packed work week, running (preparing for the Kenny Rogers Night Run) and the workshop prep behind me, I decided to chuck my entire list of stuff to do and just rest.    It was awesome.  Being able to do that during the day is like telling schedules, responsibilities, to do lists and rigid regimens to eff off.

Eventually, I got cabin fever and called Uncle to have dinner and a movie.  After small group, I picked him up and dragged him around to do a bunch of mindless errands, had really salty buffalo chicken pizza in CPK and watched the newest Johnny Depp movie, “Public Enemies.”   Not too many spectacular things to say about that movie except it was a good thing Johnny Depp was in it.   It was pretty plot-less with a predictable ending  that was not earned.   We ended the evening at the 24 hour pet shop to buy Mr. Marsellus Wallace cat food, Science Diet Light Hairball Control.   We decided that it was too late to grab a drink and opted to quit while we were ahead and just save the beers for another time.  I still have to show uncle the pictures of my trip, anyway.  So we need to make another day of it.

All in all, it was a great Saturday.  It was a true-to-form full day all to myself, for myself.  I didn’t have plans to write, agendas to come up with, deadlines to meet, papers to check.  It was the first real Saturday just for me and I would not have had it any other way.   🙂

grateful slice:  perfect days and good friends who understand where you’ve been.

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