I heart Es and new Bs.

E is ending and B is for beginning

E is ending and B is for beginning

What’s up with this year?  So many great people dying,  so many things coming to an end (whether expected or unexpected), way too many farewells marking the end of  an era  and what-you-thought-things-might-bees.


something has to be said about good-byes and old doors closing.  It’s a good thing they happen.

It gives people the opportunity to say thank you from the deepest recesses of  their hearts.  (enough to walk for eight hours on a superhighway to watch the cortege of a great woman/leader in yellow pass by or for a world to weep over a musical genius, a Pinoy rapper or 80’s cult classic director)  Their deaths have changed perceptions and have empowered people to  focus on what  truly  matters –  what these individuals have done, who they are as people, their legacy.  Now, if only we could’ve been this graciously grateful while they were alive.  Erm, that’s for another entry, I think.

Also,  new doors  open.  Perhaps the ones we have been waiting for or the ones beyond our wildest imaginings.  Those are the best. It could also be a door so subtle and quiet and one that has been wide open for awhile now but we were just not aware of because we had been staring at a closed one for so so  long.  Those are cool too because they catch  us  by surprise and give us relief that we were never alone or left without choices.

Just as old skin need to be shed to make way for transformation,  all things need to come to their end to unravel what’s in between and unsaid.  The gray area has been romantic and fun.  But finality, the clarity of things ending…although there is no mystery except for what’s beyond that, at least there is certainty that the new and hopeful and extraordinary is on its way.  Or already right there where you can feel it.

grateful slice:  death and endings


Open Sesame

inxs:  we will miss you Tita C., MJ, Francis M, Frank McCourt and John Hughes.  Salams nang Marams.  May you rest in peace.


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