I heart the IB MYP: photo prologue

I want to write about this …

me love you long time

guess what this is made of

and this …

the quintessential IB burning questions wall

the quintessential MYP burning questions wall

and of course, this …

sent from participants heaven

sent from participants' heaven

and this ….

Queen Bee

Queen Bee in Bed

and there’s this …

Bangkok late at night

Bangkok late at night

I am especially stoked to write about them …

R, S, Guy and I

R, S, Guy and I

Goofing around in a Thai resto

Goofing around in a Thai resto

our view of seven

our view of seven


I need some distance

Or I will gush to death.

Patay. Bog.

Words will fail, I think.

To capture what I remember.

When I begin to forget, then I will need to write.

But here’s to honoring peak experiences while they are fresh


not missing a minute of it.

In the meantime, am again  off to do something quite special this coming weekend.


I get the message.

okay, i get it.  the message is clear

okay, i get it. loud and clear

It’s been crystal for awhile actually.

grateful slice: paying attention,  taking our time and enjoying the ride.

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