Rain rain go away

God was pretty pissed today.

So he rained on Metro Manila non-stop.

state of calamity

state of calamity

Luckily, by 3 pm,  I found myself home, safe, accompanied by two good friends.

But not everyone is/was as lucky.

From the lobby of my building, we watched the traffic at a helpless stand still.  Headlights off.  Engines silent.  Spirits crushed.

On the news, we watched the strong current of brown rivers emerging from nowhere, with the rising water having no place to go.  In the middle of main roads, cars were stalled, abandoned and almost completely submerged. Kids’ heads and shoulders bobbing up and down, like packs of small drenched puppies swimming toward an urban shore.

We listened to people cry for help as they sat on the roofs of their drowned homes.   They begged to have someone, anyone come to save them, as the water crept on the remaining space they had and knew; the red and green  metal sheets covering their houses they never thought they would ever need to set foot on, until today.

It was really painful.

My heart goes out to everyone who was/is  flooded,  stranded, cold, hungry,  homeless and feeling wretched on rooftops today.

This one is for you.



As much as I believe that there is a reason for everything, I really do pray that the rain stops soon;  that help come soon;  that you find peace and shelter soon.

And that even if it never makes sense, that the floods never have the ability to wash away what matters most:  your strong spirit.

grateful slice:  prayer and small mercies


  1. butterflybound

    Thank you. But the rest of the metro is in dire straits. Not good. Not good at all. : (

  2. je

    hey there pau! glad we had a chance to help out together this morning!

    been a long time since i last visited your blog! your entries are so real, woman! : )

    • butterflybound

      Yeah, so glad we could do our part. Even if it’s a tiny bit.

      Thanks for swinging by again. Always good to see you here. 🙂 And your support always welcome! I really appreciate it.

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