between storms and deadlines


how my brain looks like right now:  deadline's devastation

how my brain looks like right now: deadlines looming devastation; my own state of calamity

I want to blog, like R.E.A.L.L.Y blog,  but between the devastation of the storms and life’s deadlines,  I am unable.

It feels like such a luxury (storm and time wise) even if I know I need to write, and write often, to survive.

Let me just reach Oct 19,

alive and in one piece.

i heart iPhone cake.

i heart this iPhone bday cake.

It looks like I will be celebrating my birthday  on the road — submitting report cards and fetching my MA diploma from UP (the microcosm of bureaucratic Pinas), the University I love.

Other birthday plans include  gracing MYP with my mom’s cooking and Cupcake Queen’s baking.  🙂 Yum.

Then there’s the dinner party.  Not yet sure about that one.  Shall ruminate and see.   Seems simple enough and there’s plenty to celebrate…but a part of me is iffy.


Till then…

grateful slice:  birthdays, blogs and work breaks


  1. butterflybound

    🙂 Yes, will write soon. Just want to survive hell week.
    My birthday is on Oct 19 …D day… our deadliest deadline. LOL. It’s Mariles’ special birthday gift to me. She now has your book, btw. Will let you know what I think of it soon. Again, after aforementioned deadliest deadline.
    I am turning 36. Woohoo!

    How did your launch go? Am sure it went well! Spill it!

  2. benbeaton

    Also – I hope you are well and things have returned to normal – weather wise.
    Deadline – like reports and stuff?
    Check out my blog for the Launch – it was groovy
    and OMG we are nearly the same age.

  3. butterflybound

    unfortunately, parts of manila still under water. but that’s another blog entry. don’t get me started.

    deadlines yes, for reports and stuff….how did moderation go?

    did check out your lines…awesome. cool pics too, mr. author.

    my turn soon.

    and OMG…why OMG? i hope it is because you are SURPRISED that I am over quarter of a century. LOL.

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