Silence of the Lambs: one symptom of a new addiction

ipod0ipod0.1ipod1ipod 2

Blame it on my new iPod Touch and its many addicting and extremely accessible apps/games.

ipod touch

i heart my new toy

From anything with sticky notes and e-books, to Flickitty, Chicktionary, PocketGod  to Cooking Dash and Ranch Rush to all the fashion dress up make over apps and every single unscramble-whatever-word game invented, I have been pretty much cooped up in my house downloading applications, music, and games not necessarily in that order.

I am not complaining, though, I love my new toy.


it has brought the meaning of time suckage to a whole new level.

Running (until last Friday) had taken a back seat, reading temporarily shelved (although I have wattpad) and blogging (although I am constantly thinking of potential posts all day) sort of on hold (been almost a month since my last entry).

Being a hermit though, I have decided,  has been my recovery from storm despair,  deadline fatigue and birthday bittersweetness.  I needed to hide and recuperate and recharge.  I needed to keep quiet and feel sullen and embrace the melancholy because it’s how I am when I  STOP.  Everything.  I also had to learn to love the fact that I am a year older.  (insert: party sounds here.)

My body and spirit is craving balance already though.   I am ready to take these on again.

Endorphins.  Fiction (another’s) . Image and Text (my own). The Word (His).

(Sweat. Escape. Struggle. Survival. Liberation. Redemption. Self-Control. Discipline. Focus. Structure and Reflection.)

Birthday month came and went.  Gone to soon, just 9 days ago.  Have to get my act together or I might turn to dust or flubber.

It is, after all, a new year and I am a new creation.  🙂 So far, started running and swimming again.  Saying Yes! to new friends’ invites.  Volunteered to do That Friday Thing.  Joined a fiction writing class which will start this coming Saturday.  Hoping to fill my plate with many things that count.

Anyway, more on my birthday stash and stories later…

In the meantime, check out my new tattoo design.  Thinking of placing it on my right arm (below my compass). Have not decided whether I will make good ‘ol  J  do it or the new guys.  We shall see…

new tattoo


grateful slice:  time, recovery and resilience. and new tattoos.

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