It’s been a rough week.

Started with dinner with old friends and  mixed feelings.  Feelings that have nothing to do with them but everything they remind me of.   Then work on Monday was challenging.  From my short fuse, things I’ve locked and hidden in my unconscious and well, PMS, I was a trainwreck by the end of the day.  Not even being around the  kids could give me perspective.

Then hearing news, no matter how insignificant and stupid, always leaves me upset and weepy that details to unanswered questions haunt me in my sleep.  Nightmares that leave me flat in bed for an extra hour after waking.


things have a way of turning  the corner, have a way of saving us.  And I don’t believe in coincidences.

Right after coming from S’s office last Wednesday, to finally unload and just admit something was wrong, I received an email from the IB.  🙂

Adelaide in January, Category 2 Language A Workshop.  Awesome!

It will be a lot of work and a lot of finishing many things for school before Christmas break but am stoked.

G moves in mysterious and amazing ways and today I am grateful.

grateful slice: getting another opportunity.


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