B to B = 2009 to 2010

My 2009 word was pretty cool. It began with ‘kind’ but as the months wore on, it became very clear to me that to be kind, I needed to set boundaries. For myself, people I love, time, my work. So, my 2009 word evolved to ‘boundary/ies” and I think it had served me well.

2010 will be about balance.

And because I want to embrace my inner exag, I have subwords for my epic 2010 word:

1. Slide (letting things go)

2. Lose (some unwanted inches)

3. Manage (time and emotions)

4. Discipline (to accomplish balance)

5. Love (to do it all gently and with humor)

I know, very L.A.M.B. by Gwen but here’s to an epic 2010.

Boundaries, balance and all.

gratefulslice: Glee winning sectionals


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