Popping my IB Workshop Leader cherry

2009 has been a really memorable year.  From loss to recovery to deep discovery and change, moment to moment, something was either trimmed away or newly-revealed to me; things either falling away or falling into place.  So many crappy things happened — Ondoy, Maguindanao, deaths, tragedies and well, global warming.  But,  2009 also did not disappoint — I’ve met some of the best people, watched loved ones mature and grow, have let go of old scripts that debilitate and have been given the opportunity to really “see” for the first time.  I learned so much about what’s true and unlearned so many lies.  What a phenomenal year this has been and I leave it with a grateful heart.  I look toward G who made it all happen and not just focus on all the wonderful (and tragic) things that have happened.  🙂

2009 was also about closing stifling doors so that new ones could fly wide open.  I have had to say goodbye to so many things and people and it was painful but by doing that, wonderful opportunities have been allowed to find me.   Here’s one I’m particularly excited about, humbled by and extremely grateful for.

I was pretty stoked when my boss requested I apply to the IB to become a workshop leader last Dec 2008.  Training in Singapore was really cool, but getting asked May of this year, to do my first workshop in Bangkok last Sept took the cake. I was so excited and humbled and grateful I didn’t know where each emotion began and ended.  They all just bled into each other like swirls of mixed paint.  I also feel so fortunate to be part of such an awesome Beacon MYP team and to be able to lead a workshop meant I was also representing them.   So I prepared to death and was determined not to let G, Beacon, myself or my participants down.  In the end, after I lost my luggage and found it, after recovering from several panic attacks, after all the second guessing,  I met some of the nicest MYP leaders (both seasoned and virgin like me), had the most proactive and motivated participants and had a real opportunity to glorify G.   It was really an amazing first time and I won’t ever forget it.   I learned so much about the program; about what I did know, what I didn’t know, what I’d do differently next time and what a great opportunity it is to be able to construct meaning with an international community in this way.   I knew I made friends for life and can look forward to really growing in this new role.

Let's drink to that!

I am currently working on my second workshop (just four weeks away).  Category 2 (so more in-depth and with more experienced MYP teachers) and this time in Adelaide, Australia.  It’s a whole set of nerves and a gazillion different challenges and things to face and look forward to.   My agenda has been approved and my workbook is done (just need to make sure it is uploaded properly) and am on to the nitty-gritty of the sessions and my keynote.  I hope to glorify G once again and not let my peers and participants down.  I pray everyday for clarity and composure and just an openness to see what the participants need to apply the program effectively and efficiently in their own schools.

So wish me luck.  I can’t imagine a better way to start the new year.  I feel so blessed and grateful I could burst.

Here’s to everyone’s own wonderful doors flying wide open and everyone having the gumption and fierceness to go diving through them without fear.

grateful slice:  honoring the year 2009 and welcoming the entry of 2010



  1. je

    i bet you’ll rock again, pau!!! i’ll visit your class again! i actually wish i was your student, participating, reading and writing the works you assign 🙂 here’s to a marvelous 2010! exciting, full of new opportunities and surprises along the way!

  2. butterflybound

    thanks, Je! 🙂 You are on your wonderful PYP coordinator journey yourself. I am so so proud of you. I bet you will motivate, inspire and move your team with love, grace and discipline! Good luck! I am certain you will do great as well! 🙂

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