Project Balanced has been well underway.

I have done a bit of work so that I feel more prepared as we start school again in a few days.

But I have also learned to stop at some point, nap if I need to, leave my apartment to get some fresh air, workout (everyday), eat and spend time with friends and family. And not just like physical presence/ warm body type of time together. I’m talking real time and real connection with other humans.

There is delight in both especially when they don’t bleed into each other, I see now.

One thing I loved rediscovering this past few weeks was having awesome conversations with different people …close friends, strangers, old friends, family, it didn’t matter. It’s been great talking and listening and paying close attention. Keeping eye contact, hanging on to every word, denying the urge to blurt some bit or other about me, me, me (very Tyra Banks) and just basking in the power and mystery of connecting and learning from people was refreshing; and, wow, not worrying about what I was not doing has been pretty cool. It’s empowering to just be doing what you are really doing at the moment which is well, the only thing that’s real at that moment, right? Everything else, gone or still waiting to be shaped.
There is no wonder that I gave up FB for the same reason.

So thanks for that today. The Art of Active Conversation. It is a great thing to appreciate.:)

grateful slice: Project Balanced



  1. Je

    trying to start writing essays (your blog is inspiring me to write…privately first…chozzz!) and one small idea i wrote today had a lot to do with what you wrote in this “conversations” entry. i reminded myself today to open my ears, open my eyes, and shut my mouth. i found my heart opening up to all the people i listened to! amazing how much more they allow me to enter their world and how much more I gain because i truly, truly listened.

  2. butterflybound

    And man, you are already such a superb listener. 🙂 So glad you are writing, Je. Writing what is important to you, what you remember, what matters, what strikes. Keep on writing and when you are good and ready, share! 🙂

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