I heart Christmas Break 2009

The other day, someone from work asked me how my break was. I wasn’t sure what to say because I didn’t go anywhere or do anything super mind blowing. So after thinking for a second, I just said that it was probably one of the best vacations I have had in a while. Why? Because I got to stay in the city and make peace with it. Also because, (and this might sound just a little sad), I was able to do all the things I love to do, but can’t or choose not to because of over- workaholic-ism. Yup. Am not just a workaholic. I am an exag-workaholic. Things like run at 6:45 am to catch the crisp morning. Then, hit the steam room after slathering facial masks and exfoliating grains post a hard Pilates workout. Then a good book at a cafe right before a light lunch. Shop. And yes, clean house. Moisturize, hydrate, pray and write everyday! I also got to see my Cancer doctor (long overdue), see friends (both old and new), spend time alone, spend quiet time with G, and really spend quality time with family. Without distractions. Without baggage. Without heartbreak. Without guilt. This I didn’t tell my colleague though, of course. That I learned to love Manila again and not resent it for driving people I loved far far away. I peacefully took accountability too and just forgave both of us. Not just because it was time but because I had time. Staring time in the face has taught me a lot though. How to tame it. How to make it work for me. How to make friends with it. But that is for my next entry. Time has been such a huge menacing mystery to me and I had been resigned to be its slave for so long. During this break though, I have been able to understand it a little more. And understand how I work. And how I avoid work. But yes, that’s for another entry.

So, sure to many my Christmas might look mundane and somewhat average, but I found so much beauty in the ordinary and everyday during this break that I really don’t see it that way at all, mundane I mean. It is like I opened my eyes to so many treasures I had been ignoring, postponing or taking for granted. Never again. I was happy every minute and really, we can have this joy like all the time. If only we choose it more often. 🙂

Anyway, here’s to being able to do all of this even when am not on break. 🙂 That is the goal of Project Balanced.

Went Bike shopping with Sabine and her parents.

Taking Bikini the Bike out for a spin. That's Basti pointing at the moon.

Ninang with Sabine and Bikini the Bike

Ina's Christmas creativity


Feeling photographer shot

The turkey looked even better


Inspiration: Wish I had the same grace and elegance when I had it

My Ultimate 2010 goal is to seriously get into this. Fooling around with Chiqui's camera

Infinite Pag-Ibig Fund: On some other late night with two of my closest friends in Nuvo post New Year's. Bliss.

Yes, Sabine named her bike, Bikini and no, I do not have pictures of S and I running or exfoliating in the steam room. But yes, best of times. I am very grateful for these moments today. Thank you.

grateful slice: the moments that count

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