After many years of thinking about it, researching and being on the market for a camera, I finally bit the bullet and got myself exactly the camera I wanted to own.

And even if I was slightly intimidated the first time I held the damn thing, like a clumsy, new mother holding her tiny infant born too soon, I grinned ear to ear experiencing pure, unadulterated joy.  It really paid off that I waited until I knew which one was for me.   I first looked at the D40, then the D60, even if in my heart I knew I wanted the D80 (when it was the latest one out there), it was just too expensive. But lo and behold, waiting made all the difference.  I got something that broke the glass ceiling of my desires.  The D90!



I will be taking Basic Photography classes starting May 8 (first day of our summer) in Intramuros, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (  Five Saturdays from 8 am – 5 pm.  I hope Jess and Pat Mo enroll too.  🙂

Anyway, I have been tinkering with the thing and so far, I have a lot of blurry pictures of my apartment, my cat, my books, my ceiling.  Uncle Jhun suggested I get this:

Thanks for the advice, Uncle Jhun

So, I did.  Hopefully, reading this, the manual, sitting down with my photographer brother during the Holy Week and then taking those classes will make me get the hang of it and maybe be  the photographer I think I am and want to develop into.  It’s a start, I suppose.

Fingers crossed.

And thank you, G.  The best things come to those who wait.  It’s true.

grateful slice:  saying Yes and answered prayers.


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