Don’t ever post about not posting and other things too late to not do

Breaking the Fast

Darn it.

It was unintentional, my hiatus from writing.

I mean, I think about it all the time.  I’m always listing things I intend to document on this blog and reflect on at some point.  But, thinking about writing and actually writing are two different things. I know that.  I guess, life just happened. I mean, we go through seasons, right?  I also maintain two other blogs,  I tweet and tumble, my sister got married and I had to fly to NYC for a week, we had a crazy last semester in school, we had the elections, I needed to catch up on my reading, I had teeth surgery and needed to recover, I took care of my relationships, healed old ones and nurtured new ones,  I apprenticed for a literacy improvement center for a month, I attend my Victory group, I inherited and lead my own Victory group, I had Photography classes for five Saturdays,  and I needed to hang with and heal issues with my family which was the biggie.  That was totally unintentional too, but as always, God finds ways to make things, well life, right.  It’s been a pretty intense ride.

So, just because I didn’t write as often as I’d like doesn’t mean there is nothing to write about.  Farthest from the truth.  It’s like not taking pictures during a phenomenal trip. Sometimes, you have to put down the camera and just take the experience, the view, the moment, life, in.  A picture or a blog entry might just jar the encounter.

But unlike missing a snapshot, one you may never get again – all you can depend on is the perfect and romanticized version in your mind’s eye – a blog entry is different.  In writing, and writing later, there is no loss.  In fact, the distance might do the introspection and the writing some good.   It’s not writing at all, now that’s what’s wasteful.


Ahem, okay am going to get off my soapbox now and just say no more excuses, I am sorry for that long, self-indulgent intro,  I am sorry I haven’t written in a long time, ESPECIALLY when there is so much of God’s great work to write and think about, everyday.

Erm, that’s it, I’m really sorry.

So, tune in because am back.

And that’s intentional. 🙂

grateful slice:  not following rules about not posting about posting. so there.


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