Silly, I know.

After posting about not posting, promising to post more often, I don’t.  For a month.  How silly is that?  Anyway, I am a taking a break from work right now.  Well, I already tweeted that my break was done but am now taking another break…from my break?  Yikes. One more set of report card narratives to write.  Fun.  In the meantime, as this break from a break dwindles away, here are some shots from my recent Caliraya trip.  Just wanted to post those and quit the no-recent post sludge already.  Plus, I guess you can say, post- german measles (no pun intended), I have been inspired these days. Win.  So yeah, Lau and I went to Caliraya with Tina and Ming a couple of weeks ago.  It was so great to be with them and to re-visit such a familiar place.   And to witness change in a space and in the people I care about was a truly profound experience.   Am seriously thinking about picking up kiteboarding.  Still seriously thinking about it….while I do that…enjoy the pictures.  🙂


Ming’s kite

up close and personal

should I or shouldn’t I? something tells me I should

our hosts with the mostest

Caliraya dreaming

Caliraya sunset

home away from home

green lamp-ern


feet on wooden planks

a deck with a view

from the outside



paddles & oars



the unforgettable sky

Here’s to getting away from the city we love and to strengthening bridges that continue to connect.

gratefulslice:  relationships and beautiful places

all photos taken with Nikon D90

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