Harvest Time

Alpha Omega et al

So here we are . And damn, I worked hard to get “here.” Even if I have been here for awhile now, teaching and learning and well, unlearning; it’s still nice to honor these moments.  They are part of who we are, what we believe in, what we love.  No matter how cheesy and cliche’ ridden the ceremonies are, it’s showing up and saying, “Hell, yes!” that counts in the end.  It’s humbling to know you got this far. Mind numbing to know you got here.  Those old fogies who kept on telling us that it’ll be alright…I thought about them today…because they were right.  No need to worry.

It’s also great to do it, the honoring and acknowledging,  with one of your good (hammy) friends.  It’s cool to just feel elated the entire day, overdressed with an orchid by your collar and need not explain the why too much.  It feels good to have at least one person totally get it, in the exact same way it is playing in your head.

The Lapster: he is happy inside.

The next thing on the agenda involves walking in faith and finishing the race.  So far, all systems go.  Even if I wigged and vacillated for a bit, it’s pretty clear what I won’t do.  Stay.  So, I have a year to fix stuff and decide where to go and what to do next.  Exciting times.  G, where to?

Reaping what you sow

grateful slice:  finishing something you started and making good, pleasing, perfect life plans with G


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