Challenge me this, Challenge me that: Postaweek2011


On reading and blogging more (Tali, 2010)

I still need to write my entry about my word for 2011 but before I do that I want to talk about this first.

Teehee.  For 2011, I  joined two challenges to address two things (among many others) I want to accomplish by 2012.

One, is to blog more often.  To help me with this,  I am participating in WordPress’ postaweek2011 challenge.  You can check out the details about this here. There’s actually a postaday2011 but promising to blog everyday for a year might be too ambitious considering I have a full time teaching job,  do yoga a couple of times a week, have my plans to do what needs to be done to move next year and yes, my learning how to cook Filipino food and entertaining people with the same food in my apartment project.  So, posting an entry once a week looks more doable.  If I get to write more often than that, then that’s just gravy.  Win.  I just don’t want to set myself up to fail.

Two, is to read more often.  Now that I don’t need to read books on theory (for my MA) or study for a board exam, I can pretty much read whatever I want.  Thing is,  I have a feeling that reading four books at a time is not as efficient as I thought.  So, focusing on a list and sticking to one book before going to the next should help me focus.  Well, am willing to try it out anyway. To do this, I joined  Prettybooks’ 50 Book Challenge.  You can also check out the details about this challenge here. Still working on my list which is still swirling in between my ears, so my Tumblr page on this is still blank. I bought a lot of books from the bookstore and downloaded a ton on my Kindle, so will need to prioritize. Will upload the list once I have at least the first 25.

Anyway, wish me luck.  There’s nothing like a deadline and a very public and written commitment to get you to stick to something.  Gulp.  So here goes…

grateful slice:  committing to the things we love to do


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