This one is for you, Kuya Bong

Gratitude Plants grow everywhere: Visiting RJ

Death is weird.  Inevitable, but also weird. I think this because it’s so damn random.  Cancer seems to be just as random and aggressive these days too.  Wth.

My oldest cousin (on my dad’s side), Kuya Bong, died today.  He was 47 years old.  After watching his 13 year-old son, RJ, die of cancer not too long ago, and then the more recent months of  him fighting his own cancer and complications, he passed away peacefully in Sloan Memorial Kettering Hospital.  He was surrounded by family and loved ones. I am thinking about Ate Malou, Simon and Daryll right now as well.  Even if they have shown nothing but unconditional love and unrelenting strength, my heart goes out to them.

Anyway, this one is for you, Kuya Bong.  Your kindness, laughter, and  generosity will be missed.  God speed.  Say hi to G, RJ, Inay and Tito B for me.

grateful slice:  release from the pain of illness


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