Top Ten Grateful Slices for 2010

Fresh picks of 2010

2010 did not disappoint.  It was truly a stellar year filled with love, hope, truth, friendship, laughter, humble pie and lessons learned.  I wish I could write down every single thing/moment I am grateful for but I managed to join the bandwagon with the play on the top ten grateful slices for 2010.  And here they are:

1.  My daily walk with G.  Without it, nothing else past number one would be possible.  So thanks for everything, G.

He made this possible (Dumaguete, Dec 2010)

2.  My spiritual family — for their support and guidance (includes S and G’s small group; the ladies from St. Lukes; Victory Fort community; S;  my co-teachers from Beacon, Training for Victory classmates, my sis)

Victory Weekend

3. Family and the opportunity to make peace with mom (she forgave me, just like that.)

Skagway - White Pass & Yukon Route Railway with my mom

Mom and I in Peter Paul (photo taken by Mon)

4.  My sister’s beautiful Manhattan wedding

Maqui and Mark at ease (Photo taken by Mon)

5. My winner, gold medalist friends (the girlz, the gayz, new friendz, and time&tested friendz too) You know who you are.  Thanks so much for making 2010 truly wonderful.  🙂 Win.  Will have posts on odes to these wonderful peeps very soon. Stay tuned.  #postaweek2011

6.  Traveling and all the people I get to go with and/or meet along the way

….around the Philippines  (Sagada, Caliraya, Laiya, Tali, Quezon, Dumaguete)


Sagada 2010 with the kids

Caliraya Sunset

TALI staples

Laiya Laugh Trip

Peter Paul, Candelaria with the family (Photo taken by Mon)Peter Paul, Candelaria (photo taken by Mon)

The jetty at Kookoo’s Nest, Dumaguete

…And of course, traveling  to conduct IBO workshops (Adelaide and KL).  I’ve been pretty lucky.  Next year, India. 🙂  Twice.  Thank you, G.  I am humbled by these opportunities.

Petronas Towers, KL Malaysia

Crowne Mutiara Kuala Lumpur Participants, Cat 2 Language A Workshop

Adelaide: My room with a view

Prince Albert College, Adelaide Participants, Cat 2 Language A Workshop

Loved the wine in Adelaide

Loved the food in KL

7. Buying my Nikon D90 and taking Basic Photography lessons at the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.  Two of the best decisions in 2010.

Photography 101

8.  The kids in my life and getting to spend time with them:  Sabine, Mateo and Basti, My 8PG homeroom and Rune and Gray (Lapster’s kids)

Playing with the tripod, christmas 2010

Beautiful Girl

The boys are back in town

Hamming it up with Grade 8 PG. Win.

my godson, Gray (with @maimailim)

Rune like the wind

9.  Passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers.  This just told me that I am on the right track in terms of listening to His will.  Win!

10.  Rediscovering writing and being open to falling in love again: one led to the other, now they bleed into each other.

grateful feet (Kookoo's Nest, Dumaguete, 2010)

I am going to cheat a little and say that there’s really so much more to be grateful for.  There’s being in New York City twice in one  year, being in New York City taking pictures with my brother, actually, being in NYC with my whole family; MM’s and Lapid’s valuable mudakis/brotherly advice one fine day (after PTCs), yoga (and yoga with friends), running (and running with friends), grand gestures (decisive admirers and airplanes), kinilaw, anchovies, skype (being able to talk to Lauren or Itsy anytime and S almost every week even if she is already in Mumbai), girlfriends who listen and keep us real, films, Pixar, Starbucks Drive thru, blogging, twitter, MUJI, the IBO Middle Years Program, writing to special people in the other side of the world … gosh, the list goes on and on and on … I guess the point is, is to take a moment to take it all in.  Inhale.  Exhale.  My heart is overflowing right now.  Goodie, next year, it can be 11 awesome things for 2011.  Win.

What are your ten grateful slices for 2010?

grateful slice:  being grateful


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