Prayer and Fasting 2011: Day one

Spiritual Detox

I am a little light headed and feel sharp pangs in my belly.  I recognize that I need all the strength beyond me to push forward until the last day.  But I know that this emptying means a new kind of filling.  A pouring of wisdom from G.  The cleansing to filter all the old, bad blood with none other than His royal blood.  The continuation of the heart-work G has begun in my life so I can have a heart like His.  I fast to glorify Him.  I fast to humble myself.  I fast to listen to G’s will with clarity and submission.  I embrace this dialysis.

So, as my stomach growls and as I look at water these days in a new and loving way, I feel peace.  For I know G will meet me during this time of emptying.  That the hunger will cease as I become satisfied not because of anything I’ve done but purely because of who He is. I am already grateful for everything I am believing Him for.  Thanks, G.

grateful slice:  spiritual detox and faith


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