Last year’s word was balance and it served me well.

B is for balance

It took some time though but by the end of 2010, I felt like I gave justice to that great and sober word. I continue to do my work
passionately, still quite aggressive with achieving my career goals but I have managed to carve time to take care of other parts of me.
Yoga, writing, reading, love, spending time with family and friends, spending time with G, spending time alone, traveling,
resting; somehow, the scales, although they tip to either side once in a while, have found some kind of golden mean. So this is good.
It took discipline and prayer, and of course, my awesome girlfriends to keep it real. I am very grateful for all the grace
and needed wake up calls from time to time. It helped me get here.

Now, my word for 2011 is focus.

Hocus Focus

Focus on love, nothing but the good stuff, G’s view of people and the world, G’s view of me. Focus on developing the things I love to do like teaching, taking pictures, writing and reading and hopefully, develop a love for cooking (and entertaining family and friends). I guess by focusing on the things that involve love is a way of maintaining balance as well. It will also help me remember that there is no need to lean towards anything extreme. No drama needed. No abuse of self or time or body or relationships or boundaries. Just a gearing of efforts towards things that grow and evolve; towards stuff that nurture instead of destroy. Plus, there are the plans I need to prioritize while fixing my gaze on what G wants me to do next and where to go next. These beautiful plans are unfolding as it becomes clearer and clearer to me why I must do it and do it soon. It’s all part of the preparation. And it will only make me better: a better person, better teacher, better writer, better woman. Other things promised will have to wait and right now, that’s exactly how it needs to be.
One thing at a time. One day at a time.

And this year, it’s all in
one word.


Welcome 2011. We are glad to have you.

grateful slice: clarity and knowing why we do the things we do



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