Day Three: The worst is over


the Hunger Games (photo taken in UP, Diliman)

I am getting used to the hollow feeling in my belly.  It’s like a companion now, the ache of not having anything in there. There is a silence in place of the growling.  When I drink water, I feel the cold go through the empty cavity that is my tummy, feel the chilly liquid in my bones like contrast dye during an MRI.  I still think of food, especially Kookoo’s Nest pizza,  but no longer crave it.  I am also no longer afraid of losing energy; no longer paranoid that I will get a hunger headache because I haven’t.  I woke up this morning thinking the worst is over.  My mouth is still dry for some reason, no matter how much water I drink.   My spirit though is drenched from the well-spring of being full from something else.

Be strong and courageous.  That’s the message today.  There’s nothing to be afraid of because I am not alone and it is the year of stability, capability and force; the way to be and what it means to be strong.  And in that strength is freedom, favor and fullness.  Things I am believing G for.  A part of me humbly wishes that my name  be changed too.   From Jacob to Israel and from Hoshea to Joshua.  I am clinging to the vine.

grateful slice:  powerful messages

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