Day Four: Humble Re-entry

The question of all questions right now

It’s day four and it’s also back to work for us.  I was expecting a difficult day.  I mean, I knew I would be surrounded by a lot of people most of the time, surrounded by food and a lot of ways to rationalize how I need to “replenish” my energy through other means beyond  taking in liquids.  It’s easy to fast when you are alone and just at home amusing yourself with work or blogging.  So I braced myself. I woke up extra early and made sure I had quality quiet time.  Which was good  because turns out, it wasn’t so bad.  I stuck to the plan somehow and aside from feeling a little sleepy from time to time, I survived the first day back in school unscathed.   It’s amazing actually, even after realizing just how much work there  is to be done week by week by April 5, I remained calm and composed. I thought by this time I would be delirious and well, ravenous. But no, it’s been the total opposite.

O’ me of little faith. 🙂  Thanks, G.  You are enough.

But boy, did I miss the kids.   Seeing all of them also made me feel full in so many ways too.  They really are an extraordinary bunch.  I can’t wait to read their Who am I? essays.  🙂 (an entry on that later.)

Okay, so day four.   I had to go to the 9th day thing of Kuya Bong yesterday and an aunt asked me why I was fasting.  She asked if I was asking G for something.  And I said, no, just doing it to get to know Him more; to increase my faith, aggressively deepen my walk with Him and listen to his good, pleasing and perfect will more closely.  I hope I answered her question. Anyway, it’s not the hunger that preoccupies me anymore actually. It’s this question:

Where to, G?

Where do you want me to go next next year?  And what’s the next clear step to make sure I am deciding according to your will?  Where do you want me to go?

Hhmm…come to think of it, I guess that is in a way, asking Him for something, right?  An answer to a bunch of questions.  Where to, G?

grateful slice:  thinking aloud, making cuento and questions we willingly ask

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