Time Warp

Baby Steps

As soon as it became clear to her that that was not going to be a priority in her life right now, he walked in the empty coffee shop where she was quietly reading and said hello.  Just like that.   Then it occurred to her that he knew her name.  He knows my name, she mumbles in her mind.  She remembers thinking just the other day during one of the evening get-togethers that there was no way he would know who she was; no way he would remember her.  This she recalls thinking as she observed many other girls swarm around him to ask what he thought about this or that.  She wondered if he knew their names.  Anyway, here he was, saying hello, asking what she was reading.  She muttered random names of authors in her Kindle, Yancey, Armstrong, trying to hear the sound of her voice instead of the loud pounding of her stupid heart.  Her jaw hurt from the silly grin plastered on her infatuated face.  As he walked away to do what he really came to the coffee shop for, she let the thought, he knows my name, fade away.    For a moment she let herself feel like a seventeen year old  girl with a crush.  Then she took her reality pill and embraced the decision to make the demands of her heart stay at rest.  Not a priority right now.  So she stayed put.

Staying put


grateful slices:  our crushes


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