Paying close attention

Work is definitely back with a vengeance and today was a typical (un)free Thursday. Busy. Quick paced. Meeting infested (both scheduled and the surprise attacks). And a little oppressive since my to do or die list seems to rise up the wazoo come second to the last day before the weekend. I guess that can and will happen to a mid-week “class-free” day. Since I don’t have to teach on Thursdays, I have managed to convince myself that I have more than the usual 8 hours to do all my blah-blah within the work day. Right.

Anyway, it’s easy to get swallowed up by work and get tunnel vision fatigue. Take it from me, a self-confessed recovering workaholic. I know that if I don’t pay attention, I can get sucked into a life defined just by my work which I have learned is not a balanced or healthy life at all. So after my long day today, I fought my way through traffic (and my lethargy) and insisted that I do yoga before going home. Boy, was I glad I did that. It was a little stressful since my yoga studio just moved to another, smaller place with less parking (and I was like 5 minutes late). Nevertheless, taking time to connect with my breath and do something good for my body was an awesome way to snap out of whatever workaholic hypnotized high I was on. It really pays to pay attention. My work brings me a lot of fulfillment and meaning but a more balanced me is a healthier, better version of me. Anyway, three other things brought me happiness today. Win.

1. These gorgeous butterfly shots (done by the kinder art class) taken by my young yearbook photographers as they did their rounds documenting student work around the school. (erm, ya, did I tell you, I moderate the yearbook and the literary magazine in school too).


my young photographers know depth of field. Win.

2. New cook ware from my mom. She is the best. So supportive of my cook-more-often 2011 challenge.

Surprise! Now...what to cook next?

3. And finally, Mr. Marsellus Wallace, my partner in naps, kicking it on my couch. Check him out. Older. Wiser. And well, a little chubbier.



he is smizing.

grateful slice: down time and things that make us go Hhhmmm….

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