Proud Daddy Sunday

Just in:  Sabine’s stellar report card.  Not that grades mean everything…but man, the girl is smart.  So proud of her.

OOhh...daddy is proud

Other daddy things my brother did for Matteo’s birthday bash (joint party with his Lolo Boy). 🙂

Happy Birthday, Matteo

Daddy Duty

Spidey Scooter Birthday Boy


Had my birthday cake and ate it too

Purple Katol


Green Icky Stuff

Finally, that’s Basti  posing for me.  He did not like getting icing on his fingers.  LOL.

Sigh. Finer stuff Sundays are made of.  Thank you, G.  Tomorrow (or some day later), I will write about epic Saturdays.  I heart weekends.

grateful slice:  The Guinto boys

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