The 25th hour coupon

Boy, I sure could use a handy pause button right about now.

A pause button to stop life for a bit because I need to get off for a moment.  I need to breathe or spend a silent minute in my mind.   To regroup and recover from the sleep deprivation.   Either that or have a get-more-hours-in-the-day coupon.    You know, get a 25th hour to sleep a little more or to mark more papers or to eat without thinking of what I could be doing instead of eating or  to start planning my in- school workshop in India for April or to start preparing my monitoring samples for the IB or yes, to mark more papers or to plan next term’s lessons or to do yoga or to pray or to blog or to take pictures or  to start reading the books from the book pile on my messy work desk( for my 50 books challenge this year) or oh yeah, to pack for my week long  trip to SAGADA with the kids (leaving Monday back on Sunday) AND then report card season begins.  I definitely need an extra day in the week for that — from the report card comments and grades and yes, marking more papers, there’s just not enough time because ….the list goes on.

24 hours or 7 days a week — it’s  just  not enough for the things I need to do and the things I love to do.  How now, brown cow?  Crap, I don’t know where to begin.


My MUJI 2011 Planner


Anyway, thanks for listening.  Just needed to vent a bit.  Writing — my own version of the pause button, I guess.  Now, to do what needs to be done today.  Sigh.  Send me good vibes, will ya.  So I whistle while I work.  Peace.

grateful slice:  knowing I can stop to write when I feel overwhelmed


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