Sagada Calling

Sagada calls

Am off to Sagada for a week.

rice rice baby

the road less traveled

market market

This is my umpteenth time to go up with the kids and some things never change.  It takes forever for me to pack.  Of course, I over do it with the cold weather wear since I can’t usually sport my North Face fleece in Hades hot Manila.  And,  I still feel genuinely excited to be one with such a breathtaking place.  Sagada holds a really special place in my heart.  I’ve been there blissful and content, I’ve also been there broken and tired.  And both times, it just gave me exactly what I needed.  🙂  Thank you, G.  I see your hand in this beautiful place.


the way up

I take a lot of pictures when I’m there but I am sure it’ll be a different experience shooting with my D90, my filters and my new lens.  It’s also going to be cool to have @maimailim and the lapster there.  There’s nothing like having your really good friends who are also  Sagada virgins with you to let you remember how it was like seeing such a spectacular place  for the first time.   I won’t forget looking out one of  the windows  in a  St. Mary’s School classroom wondering what it would be like to teach poetry and film and voice with such an awe inspiring view on a daily basis.  I am thinking it must be worth the huge pay cut.  They even have a Greek amphitheater.  Win.

The trees speak

Anyway,  I hope it’s as cold as they say it is this year because it was epic fail on the weather front last year.   I also hope I can carry all my bags by myself.   Sigh.  Nope,  it’s really not in my DNA to pack light.  One of my fatal flaws.

Rice the roof

grateful slice:  beautiful places and being lucky enough to visit every year



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