There are days when Time feels like a buddy, a good friend who walks just a little bit faster than you while strolling in the park or the mall or a rolling hill. Time never gets tired and no matter how hard you try to push your legs to go faster, you just can’t seem to keep up with its pace. At some point and quickly, Time is way ahead of you, already rounding the bend. You know it will creep up behind you eventually because hello, everything ends where they begin. Like this circular Central Park path in my my mind. Beads of sweat form on your forehead and your calves burn as you wince and try to half-smile the pain away; while Time looks as fresh as a skin-white model from a Pond’s commercial no matter how long you’ve both been walking. It never curses at the wind, or stops to catch its breath. It just moves along naturally like the sun, the wind or the clouds. It glances at you sometimes but only to shrug its shoulders with pity as it passes you just an inch from the spot it saw you last. Sometimes it wonders what is taking you so long. It never waits.

Today was one of those days.

I watched as time passed me by. I waited until all the icky feelings melted away. Hibernating and being quiet in my apartment alone never felt this necessary.

The day is coming to a close and I do feel like myself again. I know it’s not just separation anxiety. It’s many complicated things including the rude awakening that all the work I left behind is still right here where I left it.

That I now have one week less to do all of them.

And that Time is tsk tsk tsking at me as it saunters by whispering, “you’re screwed, my friend.”

I respond by flipping it an obscene finger gesture. “You are no longer my friend,” I say.

It understands that I am angry; knows that I feel betrayed. And yes, it walks ahead of me, and sighs.

Here we go. Welcome to report card season. It’s officially here and right now, Time is laughing a little inside.

grateful slice: being able to temporarily function on four hours of sleep (special ability during report card season)


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